Hollywomen – Film & Diversity

Hollywomen.com is a new platform launched mid-october 2014 exploring the legacy, chronicling the present and anticipating the future of women and diversity in the film industry.

It offers news, interviews, profiles, spotlights, historical perspectives & research, resources and dedicated tools for & about filmmakers.

Editor-in-chief, development, design: Fabien Hurelle

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LibrAdventures – The Literary Atlas

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Embark on an immersive, interactive journey through literary and art history.
Follow the adventures of the great authors.
Explore the places which influenced their defining works and relive the trials of their heroes.
Learn more about the history of the iconic libraries and bookstores by following the people who built & maintained them, forever leaving a mark on literature.

Adventure is just a click away…

After gaining steam in the education community, LibrAdventures has recently been showcased by Google Maps, Google Russia and other official national branches of the company.

Designed, written and mapped by Fabien Hurelle.


RanDæmon, Summon Your Imagination

RanDæmon is a plot generator, soon available on the upcoming webmag The Scribes / Le Scribe.
Inspired by dramatic principles and storytelling experience, it randomly combines actions, genres, places and characters in order to deliver unique writing prompts each time it is used – or summoned.

Built and devilishly designed by Fabien Hurelle.

Orpha (23mn, 2007)

Thriller, France, 2007

Short movie (23 mn)

Written by Fabien Hurelle

Directed by Fabien Hurelle & Michael Son.

1890. France is now part of the British Empire and plagued with brutal murders while India is about to gain independence. When reporter Thaddeus investigates the murder of a promising Indian leader and the disappearance of his own former girlfriend, he will find himself at the center of a vast conspiracy…

“It’s Aliiiiive!”

…. Back online, at long last.